I start business project:
Model agency and photographic studio in Asia.
I attract investments and partners in 2016.
I start this project in the 4th quarter 2016.

1. Expanded description of the project
Women’s beauty – the engine of trade of production and services! And this subject will be always actual! Directions of the Agency: girls for advertising: events, videos, show of clothes.
Key ideas :
1. To collect the catalog of Asian models and to advance them in the USA and Europe.
2. For Asian customers we offer models of the European appearance, from Russia/Ukraine (this is the secondary direction)
At the model business is a very thin side with business “escort service” and “content for adults”.
So this business is planned in China, such options are unacceptable, in a view of the tough local legislation.
We must have a clear understanding of our segment of the market, and also pricing. At the prices we are guided by very high prices of our services (above averages), but not the maximum in this business.
Business is planned stage-by-stage.
1. We do the web-site and advance them
2. We employ headhunters for girls
3. We rent an office, studio and we buy the equipment
The concept – is to attract girls:
80% girls without portfolio. We do for them the portfolio and to sign the exclusive contract. In this case it is possible to attract beautiful girls for less money, than girls with a professional portfolio.
20% girls with already professional portfolio.
So we do the catalog with the portfolio of our new Asian models.
4. We advance agency and girls for advertising for clients from the West (the USA, Europe)
5. We sign contracts with clients, we do the projects and we fix profit.
Payment to models – productivity wages, from projects (advertising) in which they will take part.
2. Marketing
online advance of our web-site in the USA and Europe
offline advance – promoters
with other model agencies
with EVENT managers
with exhibitions
with advertising agencies
with design studios
with auto centers
with fashion designers
with photographers
with fitness centers
with big companies / producers (marketing specialists in these companies)
3. What resources we need?
– The project manager with experience of development of model agency in Asia, the USA or Europe and already certain communications.
– Photographers (2 as staffs, the others productivity wages, to form the catalog of photographers)
– Stylists, makeup artists
– Headhunters for models (2 as staffs, the others productivity wages)
– Promoters of agency for search of customers (2 as staffs, the others productivity wages)
We need 1120000 USD to an exit to operational payback:
– registration of firm in Hong Kong and representations in Shanghai 5000 USD
– creation of the web-web-site 4000 USD
– photo equipment 20000 USD
– video equipment, for back-stage and other projects – 8000 USD
– equipment for 360-degree shootings of models – 10000 USD
– software and equipment for the office 10000 USD
– consulting, lawyers, accounts department – 1000 USD a month
-rent of the studio and office in Shanghai and New-York – 17000 USD a month
– online advance – 2000 USD a month
– offline advance – 7000 USD a month
– fund of compensation – 25000 USD a month
– business trips –7000 USD a month
– bonuses to models: clothes, cosmetics, perfume, fitness –4500 USD a month
4. Plan for sales and profit
Expenses –63500 USD a month
Operational payback – 18 months.
Return of investments – 5 years.
To come to profit – 63500 USD a month, it is necessary to conclude it is admissible 10 transactions (projects) in a month for 6350 USD each.
We don’t know an average amount of transaction yet, there will be a project manager with experience and then we will write in details financial part of the business plan. Since we are guided high prices of our services, it is possible to determine the minimum amount of transaction of 10000 USD for the one project. Then 7 transactions in a month will bring us 70000 USD (a profitability point)
But we need more transactions, because we need to pay to our models.
The logistics needs to be counted where usually there is a shooting, how many money is necessary on air tickets and accommodation.
My company- The broker of very expensive real estate in Asia will be useful – for shootings in luxury interiors and rent of sport cars.
Maybe it will be economical to buy a yacht (all in one place: office and studio and accommodation) and to float across Asia.
After an exit to payback we will rent a country house and rent a yacht on Pilipinas (for example) and part of the staff with models it is transferable there.
As option, for decrease in investments and expenses on start, it is possible to be just as an agent of girls for other model agencies. It considerably also simplifies the scheme of search of clients. But the photographic studio and office are necessary anyway.

Luxury Asia Models Agency 2014-2016
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